What is the difference between women and men football?

Apparently, it all seems the same. same game, same rules, same number of players and so on. However, everything is not so simple. At first glance, it might seem that women’s football clubs fully reflect the strength of men’s teams. However, in fact, women’s teams do not reflect in any way the indicator of the men’s teams of the same name.

For example, the favorites for the victory in the main European tournament of the 2020 season were: German Wolfsburg, PSG, Lyon and London Arsenal. In men’s football, only PSG and Lyon participate in the Champions League, however, these teams cannot be called favorites of the tournament. This is what distinguishes the level of football among girls.

There are national championships in almost every country. The English national championship is especially popular with bettors. This season, Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea are fighting for victory in the English championship. Liverpool are on the bottom line and Tottenham are in the middle.

This phenomenon is the first feature of the championship. The inequality of the strengths of the men’s and women’s teams.

Unprecedented rates in betting

The second feature of women’s soccer betting is the huge outsider winning quotes. For example, the odds higher than 50 can be given for the victory of the underdog against a clear favorite. Of course, in 95% of such matches, the favorite wins. However, this allows bettors to place opposite bets on women’s football playing on the outsider’s side.

Thanks to these features, a pattern is traced that is suitable for betting on women’s football. If the favorite had a meeting two or three days ago, having played to the maximum, then in the next fight you should not expect the opponent to be defeated. This applies to matches where there is an outsider and a favorite. Matches of equal opponents should not be taken into account.

How are the international tournaments held?

Matches in the international arena are similar to fights in national championships. There are also fights where there is initially a favorite and an outsider. Given that the girls do not know pity and are ready to give all their best on the field, then it is worth betting on the negative head start of the favorites. The main thing is to take into account the physical readiness of the teams.

In European cups, bookmakers often confuse the favorites of the match and set the wrong quotes for the fights. Therefore, so that the odds do not confuse the bettor, you need to carefully analyze the strength of the rival teams. If it is obvious that the favorite, according to the quotes, is an equal rival, then you should make a confident bet on the positive handicap of the outsider.

Why is betting on women’s football not very popular?

Most bettors completely reject bets on women’s football, choosing men’s football, which they know better.

Taking into account the peculiarities of women’s football, we note that the main component in the correct choice of the rate is the physical readiness of each of the teams. If the team gave their best in a recent match and they have to play away, after a few days, you can safely play on the side of the outsider of the meeting.

And also do not forget about a competent analysis of each event. Even the smallest detail can greatly affect the outcome of the meeting and the number of goals scored.

However, if you delve into it, you can find a number of features and factors that contribute to a successful betting game.